James Brown

Musician/Recording Engineer/Tutor


James Brown is a musician, recording engineer and music teacher based in Adelaide,  Australia......... Ok ok, blab blab it's me writing this so this should read "I am a musician, recording engineer..." etc etc! Anyway, if you're here you probably already know roughly who I am and what I do, but do scroll down for interesting things. 


I  am one third of the Wizard Tone Crew, together with these two wonderful musicians and thoroughly excellent human beings: AP & JP.

Wizard Tone Studios is located in the greater Hendon Studios complex, located in Adelaide's northwest.  We provide excellent facilities and services for recording, mixing and mastering. For more info or to book your session head on over to the studio website or send me an email. For a selection of recordings made at the studio click here.


Wizard Tone Records is an independent record label based in Adelaide, Australia. Our focus is on predominantly instrumental music in a variety of genres including jazz, classical and improvised. And a liiiiiitle experimental post-rock(ish) stuff too! Check out the fabulous artwork by designer CJ Rhodes below.

 To listen or purchase head over to our website or follow us on Spotify


While recording is increasingly taking up more of my creative energy and time (fine with me, making records is pretty damn fun), I am still involved in some pretty happening Adelaide music and other one off things!
  • Yeahyeahabsolutelynoway!
    Yeahyeahabsolutelynoway!'s unique brand of instrumental music defies easy categorisation, bringing together elements of post-rock, jazz and ambient music in a radically distinctive way. More here!
  • 1.1 Immermann
    Finely detailed arrangements, melody-driven compositions, sonically lush and unique. Music here
  • For Hire!
    If you need a guitarist for your creative project, give me a call, I'm up for all kinds of whacky and inventive stuff.


I teach electric and bass guitar, where I specialise in jazz theory and harmony and improvisation. Availability is usually limited but I enjoy teaching so one-off lessons and workshops are generally possible. To get in touch please use the contact form below or send me an email.

We also run music production workshops at Wizard Tone Studios for small groups and schools as well as one-on-one mixing tutorials.  


Wizard Tone Studios is located at:
3 Butler Drive
Hendon, SA

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